the wordsmith isPut your best foot forward. The Wordsmith can help, no matter what your needs - from promotional copy to manuscripts and beyond.

Lost for words? The Wordsmith offers:

Creative writing from business correspondence to media releases, from catalogues to price lists and promotional material, from plain prose to scientific terminology.
Exceptional copyproofing “done by eye” - not computer - to avoid annoying typos. And proofreading is free when The Wordsmith writes or edits for you.
The best editing. Prefer to write your own copy? The Wordsmith offers very competitive rates and free proofreading.

Wordsmithing for the World

“But words are things, and a small drop of ink, falling like dew upon a thought, produces that which makes thousands, perhaps millions, think.”
Lord Byron (1788-1824), English poet, Don Juan, cto. 3, stanza 88.

About Wordsmithing

Words can be weapons
To wage a war against mediocrity
And they can be tools
To present your creativity
In the best possible light.
Words can empower or they can destroy
By what they don’t say
As well as what they do.
Words can be bridges
Between you and the world
Or barriers over which you must climb.
If you want a house built,
You hire a carpenter.
If you want your car fixed,
You hire a mechanic -
Unless things are so very simple
That you can handle them yourself.
The choice is yours.
But think of how clear,
How focused your thoughts might look
Dressed in these words.

Just think...

What else should you know?

The Wordsmith’s clients include:
some of BC’s finest accommodations, graphic designers and artists
small, medium and large corporations
photographers and decorators
academics, scientists and physicians
advertising and travel agencies
specialty magazines
entrepreneurs from all walks.

The common thread is complete satisfaction with The Wordsmith - always quick, always accurate.

For easy connection...

The Wordsmith is Ontario-based, but the Internet makes it possible for clients world-wide to receive print-ready files, quickly and affordably.

Telephone: (519) 432-2885

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